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fair warning: i’m listening to perpetuum mobile by penguin cafe orchestra while writing this, i suggest listening to that song while reading this so it’ll make sense why i’m being so stupidly over-sentimental about changing blogs 

i’m definitely not one to say that tumblr changed my life or whatever, like this is just a blog 

but it has gone through a lot 

it took me through junior year when me and cleo and reece would have three-way facebook conversations and i reblogged pictures of stacks of books and staircases and trees and stuff (still reblogging the trees though, no shame) while building up those friendships

it took me through my obsession with donald o’connor and the rookie meetup and the best summer of my life thus far, the summer before my senior year

it carried me into the world of kpop and gave me the gift of a friend when i needed one more than ever and holy shit i’m not gonna cry about this again but yeah that was an amazing stroke of luck on my part imo and by far the best thing i’ve ever gotten out of the internet even if it also did a lot of damage in the end

haven’t made many friends here, not many people have stayed through the shifts in my interests but i can vouch for the fact that i’ve changed a fair bit since i made my first post 

depression, apathy, anxiety, love, excitement, fear…this blog has been a common thread through it all and the fact that i can pace through the emotions of the past few years of my life is still something that fascinates me a millennial adult

it’s for that same reason i’m changing…there’s a lot of baggage here that i can’t really deal with having anymore and this site feels very empty and bitter now; there are things (vixx) and people (jaehwan) that i just don’t feel the same about anymore (not entirely a voluntary decision tbh) and i want to let it go

there are people i hope will follow me along but i’m not going to ask anyone to follow me…my new url is ttalgi-ttalgi if you want it, i’m not doing this to escape anyone so…go right ahead if you wish to

i’ll leave this message up for a bit and then password protect this blog, mostly for my sake lol; like i said i’d like to delete the whole damn thing but i can’t bare to lose my audio playlist quite yet and idk maybe one day i will actually want to look back on all this, who knows~


see you on the flip side y’all (wow i have got to stop saying that lmao) ((also stop saying lmao too lmao)) (((fuck))) ((((also that photo is months old but it’s cute so….:^) ))))

crystalwrists replied to your post: ((super secret sneak peek: my new blog))

i’m so there!!

yay you’re the best :’ )


"Domestic Solitude", Various Stills of Jeanne’s Apt in Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

Nerd Alert: i was talking to my dad about the pacific crest trail and how there’s just SO MUCH to learn…like you choose a piece of the trail and then there’s a bunch of hiking blogs to read and pictures to look at and then you look at maps and that trail leads off to other trails that might have cool stuff along them and i just love it…if i wanted it to i could let it take up all the empty space in my brain and while that’s probably not a good thing it’s comforting that i can completely submerge myself in an idea and a dream and an image…i’m so ready…i mean not like *ready* ready but i am so on board with this idea right now, even the hard parts about being a solo female hiker…

when all my friends are busy and tumblr makes me uncomfortable and i feel isolated from everything because i’m messed up and weird, i can lean back on this idea. it’s my dream and mine alone and i’m the one doing research on it and i’m the one who’s going to make it happen. nobody else. it’s like having a private friend, in a way. wow that sounds so fucking pathetic lol wow jeez 


[NEWS] 140711 Block B, Comeback on the 24th with Mini-Album ‘HER’

Group Block B will be coming back to the music industry on July 24th with a new album.

Block B will embark on authentic comeback promotions beginning at midnight on the 24th with their fourth mini-album ‘HER.’

In particular, this album is an album that will be newly prepared and released following the cancellation of JACKPOT activities last April, which included a music video starring Kim Sae Ron. Block B, whose every album has been unique and who consistently show a strong image, are raising hot anticipation for their new song.

This time as well, they are preparing a song produced by leader Zico, and are preparing to show a new image that is significantly different from the existing Block B, which is raising many questions.

In addition, for this album they are planning to release tracks from JACKPOT for purchase on online sites on the 18th, for the fans who experienced much disappointment following the cancellation of JACKPOT activities.

Meanwhile, Block B’s 4th mini-album ‘HER’ will be available on the 24th.


Translated by: Kari @ blockbintl

[FANCAFE] 140709 Kim Si Hyoung



라디오 말인데~
담엔 더 잘함ㅋㅋ
내 꿈은 꾸지말고 진짜로 보러와 그냥ㅋㅋㅋ


Speaking of radio~
I’ll do better next timeㅋㅋ
Look forward to it
Good night
Don’t just dream of me, come see for me for realㅋㅋㅋ
Good nightㅋㅋㅋ

trans cr; his-torybegins
please take out with full credits

so cute~ O(≧▽≦)O

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